Don't Stop Riding until you try the EZRide System 
It is the one and only "On the Fly" Adjustable Bicycle Handlebar System
We take pride in the design and workmanship of our quality products. 
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If bicycling with back pain is a problem, Try the EZRIDE.
BENEFITS of the EZRide System
Reduce Muscle Fatigue
The EZRIDE relieves muscle fatigue by allowing the rider to periodically change the position of the handlebar and redistributing his upper body weight to different muscles. 
Absorbs Shock and Vibration
Built-in shock absorbers absorb shock and vibration while riding on a rough road or trail.

Improves Aerodynamics
Allows the rider to get low in the front and reduce the effect of a head wind. 

The rider is able to adjust the position of the handlebars for a better fit. This will be particularly handy as rental bikes become more popular and needed to fit a variety of people.

A Unique Design
There are many adjustable stems on the market and have become very popular among the commuter and recreational riders. 
The EZRIDE SYSTEM is unique because it the only one that  can be adjusted safely while the bicycle is in motion. In addition, because of the unique design, the range of motion is far greater than any other existing system. 
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