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If bicycling with back pain is a problem, Try the EZRIDE.
Reviews for EZRIDE 
From Fred 2-15-14
John, today was the first day I really got to put the EZride stem through its paces on a nice, long ride. This thing is amazing for this type of application!
The guys at the bike shop (The Pedal Pusher in Harrisburg, PA) really liked it as well. They said it got a lot of attention while the bike was in the shop.
Hopefully you get some more business from that exposure
“Hi, love your product. I've been searching for a solution to my hybrid Cannondale which leaves my hands numb and have not been able to find a satisfactory solution until I found your EZride. I'm 67 years young and love riding my bike. Thank You” 
“Seems like you are making a cool product! May I please buy a prototype to use on my bike? I have recently started taking long family rides with my two young daughters and the pace is such that I'd like to sit up straighter for more of the time, but I'd also like to be able to adjust back down on the fly when speed picks up for a stretch. Also, I store my bike underneath a shelving unit in the garage and being able to lower the handlebars will make it easier to slide underneath. The EZRide seems perfect for my needs!”
“Hello, I have one of your prototype Ezrides. I submit the Ezride is the best invention for the bike since shifters and brakes! As a prototype, it was understandably heavy, but it was my understanding that you were shifting to much lighter components. I found the device so useful that I can't see why it shouldn't simply be a part of every new bicycle.” Richard
“I am very happy with your adjustable handlebar system. I am a 60 year old lady who loves biking.This system has helped my back because of its adjustability and also because of the suspension. I am happy to be your first Canadian Customer. Thank You! 
“ I just purchased a Novara Safari. I like the butterfly handlebars that come with the bike but I'm not happy with their position. The mechanic installed the EZRide stem.  Plus the 20+ mechanic is hardly cognizant of, nor empathetic with what this 60+ body needs. Your stem is exactly what I need and want.”
“Hello, I usually ride about 10 miles or so at a time.. I found that 70% of the time I had my handlebars in the highest position. But it was still fantastic to be able to lower them when fighting wind. I LOVE THIS THING. I was still getting numb palms even in the highest position so I went shopping for different handlebars because mine are straight mountain bike bars with no rise at all .I was looking for bars with a 2 inch rise and perhaps wider with a sweep to give me more hand position options. I took my Bike with me to 4 different bike shops in Naperville IL . I brought the bike inside the stores and demonstrated your invention to them.. Got alot of positive feedback from the guys working at the shop....alot of "Wow that's cool". Showed them your Youtube videos too on my phone.”
“This stem is taylor made for “fat biking” because of the wide array of terrain & surfaces encountered and because these bikes rely on the principal of floatation. To have a stem that instantly adjusts to cope with the terrain & surface greatly enhances the riding experience. Weight distribution is a big factor in maintaining floatation & the stem allow for shifting the weight of the rider on the fly as the surface changes. This is especially helpful on snow that varies in density and depth as you go. The EZ Ride stem takes the compromise out of a critical dimension of the bike’s geometry by allowing all of the adjustment necessary for changing conditions instantly. It was well worth the wait!
Dave S.
Your invention is brilliant sir and I can't praise it enough. I have a mountain e-bike and I tested briefly your system on sidewalks, the suspension absorbed all the vibrations and the most cool thing happens when you use the brakes! One has to experience this smooth forward movement under speed to appreciate it! I feel that I have a new bicycle, I mean it! I ride bikes for 42 years, all kinds of them, but today I felt I was riding a bike made by Rolls-Royce!