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If bicycling with back pain is a problem, Try the EZRIDE.
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From Spine Health
How to Prevent Back Injuries or Neck Injuries from Biking
Select the best bicycle for your purpose. For casual bike riders, a mountain bike with higher, straight handle bars (allow more upright posture), and bigger tires (more shock absorption) may be a better option than a racing style bicycle
Adjust the bicycle properly to fit one's body. If possible, this is best achieved with the assistance of an experienced professional at a bicycle shop
Use proper form when biking; distribute some weight to the arms and keep the chest up; shift positions periodically
Periodically gently lifting and lowering the head to loosen the neck and avoid neck strain
Discuss and review your pedaling technique with a personal trainer or other knowledgeable professional in order to get the most out of the exercise
Use shock absorbing bike accessories including seats and seat covers, handlebar covers, gloves, and shock absorbers on the front forks (front shocks or full suspension shocks depending on the type of riding you plan to do and the terrain)