Don't Stop Riding until you try the EZRide System 
It is the one and only "On the Fly" Adjustable Bicycle Handlebar System
We take pride in the design and workmanship of our quality products. 
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If bicycling with back pain is a problem, Try the EZRIDE.
EZRide Specifications

Weight:                          3.2 Lbs. (net gain of 2.7 lbs.)
Overall Dimensions:   5” x 9” x 3.0” 
Stem Length                 6.5”    (while in the neutral position)
Range of Motion:         9.0” (100 degrees) 
Handlebar Diameter:  Fits on 31.8 mm diameter bar, *adapters are available for 25.4 mm Stem Diameter:            Fits onto 1 1/8” standard stems, Quill Stem Adapters available.
Material:                        6061 Forged Aluminum & Stainless Steel                                             Operating Temp.:         -20C through 40C

Handlebar Adaptors
Quill Stem Adaptor
 Lincoln,NE 68510